Mini Seal and Protect Bag

I was given the Mini Seal and Protect bag once I had my application done on my new car. The treatment will be covered by a 2-year MINI Approved Warranty.

Utilising high-performance sealants, a MINI Hard Wax is applied to the exterior paintwork. As a result, exterior surface resilience and water repellence is increased by over 300%*. The long-standing protection that MINI Seal & Protect provides a regenerating effect on the paintwork, for a lasting shine.

The inside content of the bag contains:

Wheel Rim Brush 

A plastic flexible wheel brush for effortless cleaning (e.g. MINI light-alloy wheels).

The plastic bristles are super soft and is very light and gentle to your alloys.

Alloy Wheel Rim Cleaner Spray

ck3This effective high-performance non-acidic cleaner can be used on all steel and alloy rims. It effortlessly removes stubborn marks such as burned-in brake dust, oil, rubber residue and other dirt from the road.

Shortly after application, the colour indicator indicates that the dirt is being lifted and that the product is actively dissolving the stain.

Bottle Content - 500 ml.

Tyre Shine Spray

Dirty, stained tyres spoil the effect of an otherwise clean and shining vehicle.

For a gleaming shine android as new look. The tyre side walls are protected from brittleness and drying out with the easiest application.

Instant tyre shine improves the appearance of your car by enhancing and protecting the tyres with a clean finish.

Easy to use - spray and leave to dry.

Bottle Content - 250 ml.
Tyre Shine

Car Wash Shampoo

Car Wash ShampooLiquid cleaning agent to get your vehicle really clean.

Removes dirt quickly and thoroughly.It works without damaging the paintwork and protects the wax layer on the vehicle during washing.

Bottle Contents - 1000 ml.

Bumper Shine

Bumper Shine is a high quality silicone oil based emulsion for the protection and care of all unpainted plastic surfaces on the vehicle.

It restores to its original silk matt gloss finish.

Ideal for removing dried on stains. Bumper Shine is an easily spreadable cleaning solvent which adds sophisticated protective coating agents which provide a tough, translucent, flexible barrier against moisture, atmospheric pollution, traffic film and the ageing/bleaching effects of strong sunlight.

Bottle Content - 250 ml.
Bumper Shine

Cockpit and Plastic Care

Cockpit and Plastic CareThis care product is for all plastic surfaces in the cockpit.

The product is a high quality, deeply penetrating agent for cockpit and plastic surfaces for the interior of the vehicle. A special combination of active ingredients maintains the vibrancy of the original silk matt gloss colours and gives the interior a pleasant smell. Also suitable for rubber, vinyl, faux leather, sealed wood and metal.

It reduces the build-up of static electricity.

The spray also has a dust-repellent effect.

Bottle Content: 250 ml.

Windscreen Washer Concentrate 

Windscreen ConcentrateHighly concentrated cleaning agent.

The washer needs a ratio of 1:10 with water.This bottle content makes 5 litres of wind screen water.

Removes dirt, insects, pollen, traces of car wax, oily stains and dangerous prevents glare films without streaking.

Bottle Contents: 50 ml

Hard Wax 

Hard wax with Nanotechnology.

The ideal solution for effective paint seal treatment for your vehicle.

This high-tech product protects and seals all coloured and metallic paints very effectively thanks to the high performance of its Nano-component and its powerful modern polymers.

Bottle Content: 50 ml
Hard Wax

Polishing Cloth

Polishing ClothThis soft anti static polishing cloth can be used after the wax has been applied to bring the vehicle back its showroom gleam.


Various SpongesViscose Sponge (lighter yellow) - Car sponge for gently hand-washing your MINI.

Window Glass Insect Bug Cleaner Remover Sponge (darker yellow) - Insect eraser, for the complete removal of insect remains from glass surfaces.

Exterior Plastic Vinyl Care Cleaning Sponge (black and yellow) - A sponge with one smooth and one rough side, specially designed for applying bumper shine to exterior plastic surfaces.

Chamois Leather

Widely used for drying and buffing vehicles after washing.

This is a type of porous leather, traditionally from the skin of the a type of European mountain goat. The leather is favored for its gentle, non-abrasive composition and remarkable absorption properties.


* Will not remove your wax coat

* Hugely absorbent

* Dries without streaking

* Machine washable and dried

* Absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water

* Washable

* Suitable for interior or exterior
Chamois Leather



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