Mini Cooper Duffle Bag

I was told by my Mini dealership the biggest amount of item they shift after their vehicles was their Mini Cooper Duffle bag.

I was fortunate to be given one of their Duffle bag and today I would like to review something for a change I know a fair amount about! Fashion!

Most petrol heads to be honest with not be bothered with this waffle but anyone who wishes to be stylish alongside their machines would certainly love these original accessories.

The duffle bag is almost 2 feet in length (to be precise – 23 inches or 58.42 cms)


and 1 foot in height (12 inches or 30.48 cms)


It is an expandable large volume bag and can very easily be very versatile with its functions. Usual purpose I can suggest would be weekend bag for a trip away or an overnight bag. I think this bag is only slightly bigger for purposes of airline hand luggage size requirement. Boo…


To access the duffle bag you need to unzip the main chain.



The bag has 2 compartments. One a fairly deep zipped compartment. 7 inches 0r 17.78 cms deep.



The other compartment is a narrow non zipped pocket primarily for phones and smaller items.

The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap. The clips attach to the bag very easily and the strap is extendible.

I love this item. The duffle bag is very stylish and the MINI logo is very visual. If you are looking at designer gear at a most reasonable price of £45 (priced at January 2016) this bag is very definitely a candidate.

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